Rafique Hassan

Donor Relations Board Member

Rafique’s goal in life is to educate, empower, and improve the quality of life of the youth coming from marginalized families.

As an entrepreneur with an MBA, who moved to the USA from Karachi in 1991, he worked for three years in corporate America on the West Coast but then decided to move to Dallas, Texas in 1994 to start his own business.

Rafique has been instrumental in starting and growing several businesses, ranging from a fuel distributorship company (licensed with Chevron, Texaco, Valero, etc.) to starting and growing Abacus Insurance and Financial services into a multi-million-dollar independent insurance agency. He has also ventured into several real estate acquisitions, including shopping centers, office buildings, gas stations, and partnerships in hotels and apartment complexes. Furthermore, Rafique has initiated and created substantial wealth for around ten small investment groups in the DFW area. His strength is in value creation.

In terms of service to humanity, Rafique and his team helped to develop two schools: one in the destitute districts of Karachi, Pakistan, where child labor is quite pervasive, and the other, in upper-west Chitral, Pakistan, where families were relocated due to the devastation caused by earthquakes, and children had to walk six kilometers in rough terrains to get to school. Around 400 children are provided with free English-medium education and three meals a day. Rafique and his team were also instrumental in building a community center in Multan, Pakistan, which has a library, an early childhood development center, a computer lab, a senior center, a fitness center, and an auditorium.

Rafique also supports various charities and foundations like The Aga Khan Foundation, The Citizens Foundation, Focus Humanitarian Assistance, St. Jude Children’s cancer research hospital and of course, Our AIM Foundation.

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