Malawi Programs

Located in Southeast Africa, Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. It is vulnerable to natural hazards including floods, droughts, and earthquakes..


Water & Sanitation Facilities


Women & Children Enrolled


Medical Aid Provided


Homes supported with solar


Orphans Supported


Hygiene pads

Our Programs In Malawi

Education Program

Women's Trade Center

Many women in Malawi never receive a proper education. Our AIM provides women with a vehicle to change their lives through our trade school, where women learn sewing and develop skills to run their businesses.

Computer Classes

The computer lab at our Holistic Community Center (HCC), is the only one in any of the villages in Mchinji District, Malawi. The center is helping to provide computer skills.

Health Care


Today, the HCC treats more than 100 villagers daily, providing free vaccinations and pharmaceutical prescriptions to combat disease.

Our volunteer doctors and nurses provide free health screenings, checkups, and maternal care 

Sanitary Restrooms

The restrooms in Malawi were highly unsanitary and were sources of disease and illness before our arrival.

We have installed over 220 sanitary restrooms with many more under construction.

Female Hygiene

We have dedicated a special focus on improving the lives of women in Malawi.

Our clinic has a special unit designed to provide women with health products.

We have a Holistic Community Center

Basic Needs

Clean Water

Nearly 300 borewells have been dug in villages.

Previously many villagers had to walk over 10-15 km outside of their village just to retrieve clean water.

Solar Homes

Hundreds of houses were built for Malawians who previously dwelt in unlivable conditions.

Lights, kitchens, electricity, bedding, and more spacious domiciles have been provided for families throughout the villages of Mchinji.

Food Distribution

Hunger and malnutrition are still ubiquitous in Malawi.

Our AIM has provided families with much-needed food packs and through our programs.

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