Education beyond secondary/intermediate is one of the ways to overcome poverty. Student Support Scholarships aim to eliminate this source of unequal access. The strategy is to create opportunities for a sizeable segment of youth to bring them under the net of quality education and create equal educational opportunities for all.


  • Try its utmost to make quality education accessible to all students, including those from lower and middle-income households. 
  • Provide generous financial assistance to qualifying students in all degree programs. 
  • Aim to attract students who are not only academically competent but also have the potential to contribute to the learning environment. 
  • Ensures that qualifying students from underprivileged backgrounds are not turned away due to a lack of financial resources.


  • To support undergraduate level students who after completing Secondary/High/FA/F.Sc./Intermediate school are unable to pursue university education due to limited financial resources. The Student Support Scholarship Project focuses on the most critical segment, namely the 4 years undergraduate programs, which contributes the most to income of the individual who completes the bachelors degree.
  • Scholarship covers university tuition fee throughout four years of degree duration. It is a significant step to ensure affordable higher education in all major fields of education including agriculture, arts and humanities, business education, engineering, physical sciences, social sciences etc.
  • It is a vibrant program which will facilitate creation of the competent work force thus enhancing employability factors in youth.
  • It foresees to create drive for education among those students who have discontinued studies due to limited financial issues. 
  • By targeting most vulnerable segment of young population through this initiative, poorer households would be enabled to come out of poverty, which in a long run expected to have positive impact on individuals, their families and the community.

Eligibility Criteria:

          Scholarships are offered for:
  • Students fulfilling criteria of need and provide authentic information required under the Project’s policy.
  • Admissions secured on merit only. Merit means that the student has fulfilled the admission criteria of the institution in which he/she intends to study.
  • Age limit set by institution’s regulations, i.e. the maximum age of the eligibility for the scholarship is the same as the maximum age for applying for admission in undergraduate programs.
         Ineligibility Conditions:

          A student is ineligible for the scholarship if found;

  • Availing any other scholarship or continuous grant 
  • Enrolled in distant learning programs and  affiliated colleges (both public/private )
  • Students of two-year post-higher secondary or equivalent programmes, two-year associate degree programmes, Master’s and the nomenclature of BA/BSc programmes are not eligible for scholarship
  • Students holding associate degrees, if  newly  enrolled in lateral undergraduate  degree program i.e. 5th Semester are also ineligible

How to Apply:

All students are required to apply through the following Online Application

Deadline Extended: August 15th, 2022

Supporting Documents:

After submission of the online application form, the applicant need to submit all the required supporting documents to
Llist of supporting documents are specified in Application Form!

Important Note: The hard copy of supporting documents will be submitted to the Office of relevant university in which you applied.

Scholarship Award Process:

  • All students are required to apply through OURAIM Scholarships online system and SUBMIT the application form. 
  • Applicants are required to submit hard copies of the supporting documents to the financial aid office of the university by the given deadline. (list of supporting documents are specified on the website)
  • The Judges Committee of Our AIM Foundation will shortlist all candidates who fulfill the eligibility criteria, based on the information provided in their applications, and who have provided all the information sought for under the rules such as proof of family income, assets, past academic record, age (where appropriate) etc.
  • Incomplete application form in any respect will be rejected.
  • The Judges Committee will interview/ recommend potential applicants for the award of scholarship.
  • Scholarship awardees will be asked to sign a deed of agreement on a stamp paper.
  • Universities will issue the Final Scholarship Award Letter.
  • Awarded scholarship is not transferable to any other university/ academic program/ academic session.
  • Scholarship funding shall continue for next semester/ year subject to satisfactory academic performance.

Note :  Students are advised to fill the online application form very carefully and provide authentic documentary proof of household income and expenditure for assessment and evaluation by the scholarship award committee. If, during any stage of degree program it is found that the Scholarship Awardee has provided false information in the application form/forged/tampered the application form or income certificate in order to secure the scholarship, we will be liable to take strict disciplinary action as per rules

Financial Support:

The Program covers funds for the following expenses:

  • University tuition fee as per actual
  • Mandatory Academic Charges (Dormitory/On Campus living)


No, there will be no test for award of Student Support Scholarship.

Application form once submitted is non-editable. Therefore, please fill it very carefully. In case any mistake occurs, please take printout of the submitted online application form and make changes in printed form with signature of the applicant at the place of changes. Proof of changes is also required to be submitted.

Students of two-year post-higher secondary or equivalent programmes, two-year associate degree programmes, Master’s and the nomenclature of BA/BSc programmes are not eligible for Scholarship.

The student can add CNIC details of his/her father, brother, sister or guardian as well.

If father is retired, please attach copy of Pension Book/Latest Bank Statement.

If father is a laborer on daily wage / shopkeeper / private job, then attach undertaking of Income Certificate on minimum amount of stamp paper. In case of shopkeeper, please attach two pictures of the shop with Income Certificate.

If father’s job is outside Pakistan, than Income Certificate should be in currency of the respective country.

If father is jobless or deceased and paternal or maternal relatives/ family friends, etc. are supporting applicant’s family, then mention only the partial amount received by the applicant which he/she receives as a support. Do not mention full income of Guardian / Family Friends in the application form.

Step-1: All eligible applicants / students may apply through Online Application Portal 

Step-2: All the necessary Supporting Documents should be submitted to the respective university for further scrutiny process.

If your age is 18 years, create attach your CNIC along with required documents otherwise, your application will not be entertained. Do not use CNIC of your parents, siblings, friend etc.

If your age is less than 18 years, only then you can apply through your B-Form.

In case you are 18 years old and still do not have CNIC, please immediately apply for CNIC and then apply for Scholarship.

Applications in the “Saved” mode will not be acceptable.

The awarded scholarship is non-transferable to any other university, academic degree programme and session.

Scholarship funding shall continue for next semester/ year subject to the satisfactory academic performance and attendance in the class.

No you are not eligible. Student Support Scholarships are only offered for regular 4-5 years undergraduate degree programs.

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