Covid-19 Response

In 2021, the Covid pandemic gripped the entire world, throwing health institutes in complete disarray. It was the first time in nearly 100 years that the world was dealing with the pandemic at such a tremendous scale. Our Aim Foundation stepped forward to contain the spread of the disease by distributing face masks and providing vaccination while also providing employment opportunities to those adversely affected by the economic downturn.

Amazing Support by our Amazing Volunteers

In response to the coronavirus global pandemic, Our Aim Foundation served on two fronts.

In the U.S., Our Aim recruited over 100 volunteers to create 25,000 masks for medical professionals on the front lines of the pandemic. Our volunteers come from all cultures, different countries, faiths, and backgrounds. These people are heroes!

When one of our volunteers, Zarina, an elderly woman, was asked why she was working so hard, she responded: “It’s my time to give back to my country, I want to help our medical staff.” Another one of our volunteers, Leslie, participated in our program while she was in her third trimester of pregnancy. These passionate volunteers worked non-stop to fulfill the shortage of masks in the hospitals for doctors, nurses, office workers, outpatient lab departments, outpatient imaging departments, outpatient surgery departments, home care nurses, walk-in sick patients, and everyone involved in the medical profession.

It is truly inspiring and faith-restoring to see how hard our volunteers worked to help these heroes. Our Aim Foundation proudly calls them Our Angels! 

Malawi Mask Program

Women's Sewing Team

  • Reorganized our female sewing trade classes at our Holistic Community Center in Tongozala, Malawi.
  • Our women trainees learned how to sew while contributing directly to the battle against COVID-19.

Distributing Supplies

  • Hundreds of medical-grade masks to the people in Mchinji District and neighboring villages.
  • Provided soap and access to clean water so that the citizens could practice effective hand-washing. 

Being Prepared

  • Villagers did not have access to the internet and mainstream news media during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • It was our responsibility to keep Malawians informed about the virus, and through information sessions.

Malawi Mask Program

28 March 2020

Serving The Front-line Heroes

Our Aim Angel Volunteers

  • Our volunteers worked day and night to produce masks for the frontline workers in American hospitals.
  •  We delivered 25,000 reusable handmade masks to our medical professionals at Tampa General Hospital, Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa Fire Rescue, AdventHealth Tampa, the Medical Center of Trinity, and more.

Mike Alstott Family Foundation Partnership

  • In conjunction with the Mike Alstott Family Foundation, founded by Super Bowl champion, and former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Mike Alstott, Our AIM Foundation has delivered masks and medical supplies to firefighters and police officers in Tampa, Florida, and surrounding communities.