Pakistan Programs

Pakistan is the 5th most populous country in the world. 21% of the population lives below the poverty line. Our Aim Foundation hopes to create a prosperous Pakistan through the actions of its donors and partners.


Water and Sanitation


Women Empowered


Orphans Supported


Meals Distributed


Vaccination Done

Primary Education

Our Aim Foundation is on a mission to improve the education system in Pakistan. We focus on remodeling schools located in the remotest parts of the country such as Karangri, Tharparkar. Your donations have enabled us to adopt four schools and convert them into active centers of learning.

Delivering Fresh Water

According to the United Nations Development Program, Pakistan ranks third among the nations facing the most acute water shortages. By installing borewells and handpumps in remote villages, Our Aim Foundation helps reduce water scarcity.

Fighting Hunger

Pakistan faces myriad economic challenges which are further exacerbated by political, social, and environmental factors. Extreme poverty leads to malnutrition which in turn deteriorates one’s health and considerably reduces the prospect of improving one’s social standing. Our Aim Foundation’s food program in Pakistan is built to sustain communities so that they contribute actively towards their progress.

Sanitary Restrooms

More than 35% of Pakistani people lack access to clean and sanitary restrooms.

We have built a total of 300 clean bathrooms and hygienic facilities to heighten quality of life.

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