Imtiazbeg Anverbeg Mirza


Malawi Advisory Board

Imtiazbeg Anverbeg Mirza serves on Our AIM Foundation’s advisory board, and has a long list of accomplishments and qualifications. Born in Jamjodhpur,  Gujrat,  India, he is a civil engineer by trade. He serves as an Executive Board Member for the Imam Ahemad Raza Trust, (IMARAT), the Qaderia Education Centre (QEC), an Islamic NGO located in Lilongwe, Malawi. He is also the Chairman of the Indian Muslim Community in Malawi, the Chief Coordinator for the National Meelad Committee located in Lilongwe. He is also the Head of Security for the Asian Community Policing Unit, Lilongwe,  Malawi, Regional Executive Committee in charge of Community Policing. 

Currently, he serves on the Executive Committee for the Lilongwe Community Policing organization. In the private sector, he is the Managing Director for Layser Paints & Plastics, located in the Industrial Area, Kanengo in Lilongwe, as well as the Managing Director for Mughal Construction, also in Lilongwe. He is a vital addition to our team, and has years of experience working in the Malawi community.