Recently there has been an increased emphasis on social-emotional learning (SEL) in the classroom context to address the escalating mental health issues among students. As such, the Awareness in Mind: Mindfulness and Compassionate Communication course has intentionally been designed as a school-based mental health intervention. This course aims to combine the inward-focused techniques of mindfulness and meditation with the outward oriented tools of non-violent communication to empower students to connect with themselves and others in the most life-serving and emotionally productive ways. The Curriculum takes seriously the importance of “school connectedness,” and it strives to make students feel self-connected, which ultimately helps them to connect with the adults and peers at school, at home, and within their community. So, the inward-focused and outward oriented approach of this school-based Curriculum will have immeasurable emotional and social rewards well beyond the classroom, and for their future.

The AIM Curriculum combines non-violent communication with mindfulness training as a way to help empower students to communicate interpersonally, utilizing capacities such as self-awareness, empathy, peace/self-control, self-esteem, etc. The following are five of the main goals of this course:

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Thu, February 16, 2023
5:00 PM – 6:30 PM EST
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Colin Parker
Sabrina Rising
Alisha Panjwani
Sunita Virani

Mayor of Tampa