Disaster Relief

Our Aim Foundation is committed to responding to humanitarian crises worldwide as a global nonprofit. Providing disaster relief is essential to fulfilling the immediate requirements following a devastating natural calamity or after a military onslaught. We work with local partners to ensure quick delivery of aid and supplies..

Support Emergency Relief Efforts

Our Aim Foundation values your contribution, especially during emergencies. Any natural calamity must be met with a speedy response to ensure the maximum number of lives can be saved or further casualties are avoided. Bookmark our website to ensure you can quickly donate towards emergencies. 

Türkiye Earthquake Relief

The Turkish earthquake in February 2023 was one of the most devastating natural calamities to hit the country of 85 million. 50,000 people died. The survivors were homeless and left at the mercy of the punishing cold. Our Aim Foundation responded by distributing food, blankets, and other essential supplies. 

Relief for Palestinians

Our Aim Foundation has helped Palestinian refugees in Lebanon by providing meals, medicine, and other provisions. Regular outbreaks of violence have triggered a massive influx of Palestinians in Syria and Lebanon leading to one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world.