Bangladesh Programs

In Bangladesh Our Aim Foundation is primarily supporting the Rohingya refugees by providing access to clean drinking water, food, and shelter, and for sustained social development, we are offering them education and skill training.


Water & Sanitation Facilities


Women & Children Enrolled


Medical Aid Provided


Homes supported with solar


Orphans Supported


Women Empowered

Rohingya Refugee Camp

The Rohingya Muslims are among the world’s most persecuted ethnic groups. Years of violence in Myanmar have forced more than one million to flee to Bangladesh where they lack even the most basic necessity. They need humanitarian and rehabilitative assistance.


We have created five schools for the over 500 orphans who inhabit the refugee camp in Bangladesh.

Many children lost their parents in the purges that took place in Myanmar.

We believe that giving these children an education will increase their chances of success manifold.

Medical Assistance

We have brought medicine and other medical supplies to the refugee camp, and have several doctors and nurses on staff to address the needs of the people at the camp.

We have also had several doctors from the United States volunteer at the camp through our foundation.

We have treated over 2,000 patients!


Along with the bore wells and hygienic facilities that we have provided, we have also built over 500 homes, thanks to your donations.

Our volunteers have helped the displaced Rohingya people turn their refugee camp into a community.

Women Empowerment

Many of the women in the Rohingya refugee camp have been terribly mistreated, and suffered horrible acts against them.

We at Our Aim are dedicated to empowering women and helping them achieve independence, so we offer trade school classes to women so that they can achieve financial independence in the future.

Bridge and Infrastructure

As part of our project to bolster the infrastructure at the camp, and to transform the area into a livable community, we built a 100-foot bridge to help obviate the risks of flooding that come with seasonal rains in Bangladesh.

Along with the nearly 200 sanitary restrooms and 380 bore wells, we have elevated the quality of life for the Rohingya refugees.

Additional Information

On Tuesday, May 12, at the Rohingya Refugee Camp with which Our AIM Foundation works extensively to administer aid and provide educational tools, new homes, and enough meals for all the inhabitants, a massive fire brought devastation to the camp. It began in the morning, and by the mid-afternoon, much of the camp was a smoldering ruin.

So much work in building the infrastructure of the camp is now ash. The people are devastated and need our help more than ever. Unfortunately, in large portions of the camp which have been completely scorched, we will be starting from square one. We will need to rebuild all the bathrooms, homes, bridges, and bore wells that have been destroyed in the fire. 

For this, we will need your help and support. Please consider donating to the effort to rebuild this camp. The Rohingya people have already suffered so much. As a stateless people, they have no country to call their home, no place to return to. Now, those in our refugee camp are literally without beds to sleep on due to this fire. Please give generously today so that we may rebuild the lives of these beleaguered people.

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