Press Release

Our Aim Foundation Enters into Agreement with Mchinji District Council

To bolster its mission in Malawi, Our Aim Foundation has entered into a partnership with the Mchinji District Council, Government of Malawi. This agreement will help Our Aim expand its healthcare programs to benefit the rural communities in the Mchinji District. The region is home to more than 600,000 people who rely on farming to sustain themselves. It is also one of the poorest regions in the world characterized by rampant health issues including malaria which is one of the most prevalent diseases.

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) signing ceremony took place at the Mchinji District Hospital. The signatories of the agreement are Lucia Joabe Chidalengwa, District Commissioner representing the Mchinji District Council, and Imtiazbeg Anverbeg Mirza, Chairman of, the Malawi Board, representing Our Aim Foundation. Blessing Deborah Banda, Secretary and Member of the Health Board, Dr. Damson Kathyola also attended the ceremony.

The agreement will significantly boost Our Aim Foundation’s health services in the Mchinji District. The Council will provide financial support for running day to day operations including salaries of medical staff. This will also include running mobile clinics and procuring medicines. To ensure the quality of services. The Mchinji District Council will also support in recruiting, training, and deploying healthcare professionals. Our Aim Foundation will be taking care of constructing health facilities and developing the infrastructure needed to provide quality healthcare to the population of Mchinji.

“It is with great appreciation that I am standing here today to sign the MOU. Our Aim Foundation has been a long-time partner. We praise your support!”

Lucia Joabe Chidalengwa
District Commissioner
Mchinji District Council, Government of Malawi