Blessings Kaphwiti Banda



Blessings Kaphwiti Banda, also known as Nzyaleni Deborah, originating from Malawi, emerges as a dedicated advocate and influential leader, possessing exceptional talents in leadership, and civic engagement, notably in the realms of political rights and gender equality. Professionally, Banda has assumed pivotal roles, including Board Membership at the Centre for Multi-Party Democracy, facilitating inter-party dialogues within Malawi. Her tenure with the United Democratic Front (UDF) since 2009 has seen her hold various positions, including Deputy National Publicity Secretary, Deputy National Director of Election, Director of International Affairs, and Organizing Secretary of the Women’s Wing. Additionally, her contributions to community welfare, notably as a Community Focal Person at Mchinji District Hospital – Ombudsman’s Office, advocating for patient rights and ensuring procedural adherence by hospital staff, further underscore her consistent dedication to promoting gender equality, and human rights, exemplifying her outstanding leadership and commitment to positive transformation in Malawi.