Women's Trade Center

  • Many women in Malawi never receive a proper education.
  • Our AIM provides women with a vehicle to change their lives through our trade school, where women learn sewing and business 

Primary Education

  • Illiteracy in Malawi has long been a barrier for those seeking to move from agricultural to more professional work.
  • Our AIM’s mission is to enhance their lives and secure a future full of opportunity.

Computer Classes

  • The computer lab at our HCC is the only one in near any of the villages in Mchinji District, Malawi.
  • to this date we have many dozens of students learning computer skills,



  • Today, the HCC treats more than 100 villagers daily, providing free vaccinations and pharmaceutical prescriptions to combat
  • Our volunteer doctors and nurses provide free health screenings, checkups, maternal care 

Sanitary Restrooms

  • the restrooms in Malawi were highly unsanitary, and were sources of disease and illness before our arrival.
  • we have installed over 220 sanitary restrooms with many more under construction.

Female Hygiene

  • We have dedicated a special focus on improving the lives of women in Malawi,
  • Our clinic has a special unit designed to providing women with the health products 

Basic Needs

Clean Water

  • Nearly 300 bore wells in villages.
  • villagers had to walk over 10-15 km outside of their village just to retrieve clean water.

Solar Homes

  • Hundreds of houses built for Malawians who previously dwelt in unlivable conditions.
  • lights, kitchens, electricity, bedding, and more spacious domiciles for families throughout the villages of Mchinji.

Food Distribution

  • hunger and malnutrition are still ubiquitous in Malawi.
  • Our AIM has provided families with much-needed food packs and through our programs.
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Water & Sanitation Facilities
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Women & Children Enrolled
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Orphans Supported
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Medical Aid Provided
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Homes supported with solar lights
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Hygiene pads

We have a Holistic Community Center which has FREE services of health, education, women empowerment.


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