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Monday, June 12th, 12:00 pm

Our AIM Foundation’s Tele Health Training’s Impact on Global Health

Dunedin US – June 12th 2023 / Our AIM Foundation /

The telehealth training program initiated by Our AIM Foundation is now celebrating its two years of invaluable service, providing countless free awareness sessions on crucial diseases including health concerns on topics like women’s health, child malnutrition, cancer prevention, tuberculosis, malaria, sexually transmitted infection, dental care, monkeypox, and more.

By leveraging technology and bringing together expert speakers from around the world, this transformative initiative has been instrumental in providing vital healthcare knowledge, particularly to the local community in Malawi. Let’s explore the significant impact and achievements of this life-changing program.

The program has committee members and dedicated healthcare volunteers under Dr. Shabnam Moledina’s leadership. All the volunteers and teams involved are making an incredible impact and have already touched the lives of over 10,000 individuals. This program has succeeded in making healthcare education accessible, bridging the gap between the slum areas and healthcare professionals in hospitals across Africa and South Asia.

Notably, Our AIM Foundation is especially proud of expanding this program to healthcare centers in Tanzania and also formalizing its collaboration with the University of South Florida, USA.

To celebrate and continue to support the incredible work of the dedicated healthcare volunteers, your gracious support is appreciated:

Reaching the Next Generation

Recognizing the significance of educating the youth, Tele Health Training included sessions on puberty and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Prof. Dr. Beata Casanas from the University of South Florida provided invaluable guidance to pre-teens, teenagers, and their families, equipping them with essential knowledge for a healthy transition into adulthood. By focusing on early education and prevention, these sessions played a crucial role in building a healthier and more informed generation.

Tackling the Cancer Crisis

A particularly impactful training session was led by Dr. Shabnam Moledina from California, focusing on the prevention and early detection of cancer. This training held immense significance in Malawi, where cancer poses a major public health challenge. Shockingly, in 2020 alone, Malawi reported 17,936 cases of cancer, leading to 12,454 deaths.

Improving Women’s Health

In 2021, Our Aim Foundation conducted TeleHealth sessions that addressed critical topics such as menstrual hygiene, contraception, cancer prevention, and early detection. With the expertise of Dr. Beenish Bhaidani, and Midwife Courtney Watson, over a hundred women gained essential knowledge and tools to take charge of their health. The overwhelming response from the community led to the establishment of monthly learning programs, affirming the effectiveness and relevance of the program.

Addressing Health Challenges

In 2022, Tele Health Training expanded its scope to tackle a wide range of health issues. Dr. Rohan Bartake, an expert in tobacco de-addiction, educated the community about the dangers of tobacco and its link to cancer. Dr. Yasin Bhanji shared valuable insights on urologic health, while Dr. Megha Unadkat shed light on pediatric cardiology, emphasizing the importance of a healthy heart in children. These sessions empowered local villagers with crucial information to make informed decisions about their well-being.

Global Collaboration for Enhanced Healthcare

In 2022, the foundation also took the initiative to collaborate with international clinicians, bringing diverse perspectives and expertise to the forefront. Through sessions on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and the emerging health concern of monkeypox, Prof. Dr. Beate Casanna and Dr. Parth Patel facilitated knowledge-sharing among over 100 clinicians. Despite the limited number of sessions, the impact was significant, fostering global awareness and learning.

Future Prospects

The success and demand for TeleHealth Training have demonstrated its significance and potential for long-term growth. Our AIM Foundation aims to continue expanding its reach, introducing new topics, and engaging expert speakers to cater to the evolving healthcare needs of the Malawi and global community. With the continued support of donors, volunteers, and partners, the program seeks to bridge healthcare gaps and empower individuals with the knowledge and resources necessary for a healthier future.

A Lasting Impact

The TeleHealth Training program in Malawi and other countries, facilitated by Our AIM Foundation, has proven to be a game-changer in improving healthcare access and education. By leveraging technology and collaborating with experts from across the globe, this initiative has brought critical knowledge and resources to the local community. The positive impact on women’s health, tackling health challenges, reaching the youth, and fostering global collaboration underscores the transformative power of Tele Health Training. With the unwavering support of donors and stakeholders, Our AIM Foundation is poised to continue making a lasting difference in the lives of individuals and the healthcare landscape of Malawi.