Meet Zelipa Manda. Aged 45, she is a tailoring student at Tongozala Holistic Community Centre, in the district of Mchinji, Malawi. She hopes to improve her life by attaining valuable skills that she can use to one day open her own tailoring business.She and her six children live in the neighboring village, Nyavingwe. Before being introduced to the Sewing Program, Zelipa Manda encountered countless setbacks. The family’s only source of income was farming, and it’s a precarious job, dependent on the often shifting weather and market. When COVID-19 had the country on lockdown, many people working in agriculture suffered.Thanks to Our AIM Foundation, her family is surviving – even thriving. “I have benefited a lot as I have learnt how to sew and in so doing I am earning something from it which I am contributing to my family,” Zelipa said. Our AIM Foundation’s Women Empowerment Program is promoting the lives of women so that they can be financially independent and self-reliant. It is paying dividends for many women during this time of economic difficulty.

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