Samson Mnyandula

This is Samson Mnyandula, 23 years old, from Kazyozyo, Mnchinji. Due to financial problems, he was forced to leave school before graduation. Now, thanks to Our AIM, he has been able to continue his education. He is enrolled for computer lessons at our Tongozala Holistic Centre. Though Kazyozyo is about 15km from the center, Samson has never missed a class. He is amongst the brighter students at the center. When he joined the class, Samson was just a beginner. He knew very little about computers. Now, he is practically an expert, and can accomplish all sorts of tasks on the computer. He is one of many young Malawians working on computers and learning the tricks of computing in the free classes offered by Our AIM Foundation in our quest to help people from disadvantaged areas attain skills to empower them and elevate their lives. Samson’s dream is to open a stationary store, where he will offer services like printing and typing. Thank you our donors for giving the young generation the opportunity to fulfill their dreams, and accomplish great things that they otherwise would be unable to do.


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