The Thar Desert in Pakistan is among the most densely-populated in the world, meaning that arid conditions and infertile soil can leave thousands without food and water. These conditions, combined with pervasive poverty and unreliable access to hygienic sanitation facilities, inspired Our AIM Foundation to partner with local Pakistanis in the Thar Desert to provide better solutions for their communities. We have since constructed over 150 bore-wells and personal hygiene facilities in the region, giving tens of thousands of villagers access to clean water and sanitary bathing and restroom accommodations. Our next Holistic Community Center is currently under construction here as well, promising to bring all the benefits of our Malawian HCC to the people of the Thar Desert once complete. 


Bringing Aid to rural Pakistan


Feeding the children

Malnutrition is a common ailment for the children who make it into medical clinics. Still, many don't receive medical treatment. We are attempting to change that, by bringing doctors and nurses into Our AIM Foundation's site, where we are building our next Holistic Community Center.


Delivering Fresh Water

Fetching water from a distance was cumbersome and difficult for all women of village in Sindh Pakistan. 

After the installation of the bore well, one resident says:

“Now women do not need to go at a distance to the fetch water, it's available to them right around the corner. This makes them feel much more comfortable. The installation of Hand pump has enhanced our courage and morale."


Alleviating Poverty

We at Our AIM distribute food and clothing to some of the poorest families in the region, but many in the Sindh region still go without. In the region that Thatta sits, more than 70% of people live in abject poverty. The HCC in Pakistan is currently under construction here as well, and promises to bring all the benefits of our Malawian HCC to the people of the Thar Desert once complete, including improved education, medical treatment, women's empowerment training, and more.