Our aim Outreach In Kapunula Village

Recently, an Our AIM outreach group of clinicians traveled far away from our HCC in Tongozala. the team’s leader, Ishmael Kadango, wrote on the eye-opening experience:

“Saturday on the 17th of October 2020, Our AIM Foundation clinic team embarked on an outreach programme aimed at helping the sick from their homes. The journey took them to Kapunula village at least 30 kilometres from the foundation’s centre as after a survey they noted that this place, despite its nearest clinic standing at the distance of at least 15 kilometres, still most of its population lacked proper medical care.

“The team arrived at the site they were entitled to do their job from at around 8:30 A.M. and was welcomed by the village chief who commended their arrival and informed them to work freely. The team set up their working environment and the doctor gave a covid-19 update and how it is real and that we should not relax and do as medical experts command us to.

“Work began at around 9:30 A.M. with a few sick people available at that moment. Then the site was flooded by patients which most of them were women, children and the elderly. About 182 patients were seen and given treatment plus medication. It was an unprecedented number and still due to time we left whilst some patients were still preparing to come and others we found the on the road from the programme.

“The village chief asked that we set a date and visit the village again as there was more people in need of good medical assistance including the elderly who cannot travel to hospitals/clinics because the medical facilities are at a distant.

“It is programmes like this that make us appreciate the job we are doing and, also, the influence and reputation we gain as an organisation from these charity programmes is overwhelming. With increased outreach programmes we surely will be able to make a difference to people that were not within our reach and meet some who will make us want to do more on the job being done. We appreciate organisers and Our AIM Foundation management for putting more effort in these programmes.”


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