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Our AIM Chairman Shobi Jiwa speaks with BBC Africa

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“In the 126 villages in Mchinji, there are 126 chiefs who are in charge of the villages,” Jiwa said. “We have given instruction and supplies to these chiefs, and set up barriers around the villages, so that those who go in and out are screened for COVID-19. We make sure that anyone who enters a village must wash their hands, and is given a mask to prevent the spread of the illness.”

He also spoke of the challenges faced by poor villagers, who earn less than $2 a day. “To stay home is very difficult for them, because they rely on their day jobs to have food.” Yet, the government of Malawi doesn’t have adequate resources to bring aid to these people.

Our organization – led by donors like you – come in. By giving, you are helping these communities to withstand an economic and health crisis. Please give generously to save lives!