Nathi Bai

Nathi Bai walked from her home in the village of Manthar, in Pakistan to the nearby village of Branch Thatta to fetch water from river. It’s around 2 km from her house. Whenever she or her family needs water, she must make this walk, then using a bucket attached to a rope, which tears at her palms. In order to get enough water, she has to take several trips back and forth between her village and Branch Thatta. Not only does she need water for her family, but she needs enough to give to her cattle. All told, Nathi Bai spends between one and two hours a day lugging these buckets back and forth. But this was before Our AIM came to Nathi Bai’s village and installed a handpump for drinking water. Now, neither she nor any of the villagers have to venture outside of their village to gain access to water. The handpump is truly a godsend. To these villagers, it is as holy as the Well of Zamzam, the sacred well in Mecca. Nathi Bai says that her family no longer has to deal with periods of thirst. If her children wake up in the night wanting water, now she can bring it to them. Baths are no longer rare luxuries, and hygiene has improved greatly. Nathi Bai and many others in her village have had their lives changed by Our AIM’s contribution – thanks to the generous donations that we have received.


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