Misozi Ledson

This is Misozi Ledson of Kawere Village, located in Mchinji District, Malawi. She is 23-years-old women, and a mother of two. Whenever she or her children are in need of medical assistance, Misozi walks 12 kilometers from Kawere to Tongozala, where Our AIM’s medical centers are located. She does so with her two babies strapped to her.Misozi lives in a grass thatched house with her family of five. She walks this long distance usually on an empty stomach, as her family rarely has enough food to go around. However, thanks to Our AIM, she is able to receive free medical care, free meals for her and her children, and when she can, she also attends our trade school for women, where she learns valuable skills that can provide her with new career options down the road, and help her achieve financial empowerment.


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