In Malawi, one of the focal points for the fight against malaria and HIV, rural villages experience high infant mortality and infrequent access to basic survival provisions. To assist these communities, our efforts here have centered around the construction and management of a 3-acre solar-powered Holistic Community Center. This unique compound houses a clinic, pharmacy, learning center, orphanage, women empowerment center, playground and sports complex. Before we launched the HCC, villagers had to walk up to 10k to access clean water, and up to 20km to access basic healthcare services, which proved fatal for many sick Malawians who sought medical attention at distant clinics. 

Today, the HCC treats up to 100 villagers daily, providing free vaccinations and pharmaceutical prescriptions to combat the spread of malaria, HIV, and other diseases. Hundreds of children have enrolled in the learning center’s school programs, which seeks to curb illiteracy in the nation’s countryside. Hundreds of women have matriculated through the trade program, which teaches them the fundamentals of sewing and gives them the ability to operate entrepreneurial local businesses. The skills learned in our trade program provide many graduates with the first financial independence they have ever known, a freedom that is particularly sweet for those women who have fled domestic abuse. Given its size and breadth, the HCC has become a vital lifeline for more than 10,000 Malawians in the 72 surrounding villages, providing critical care and inspiring hope for their many inhabitants. 


Tongozola Community Center

See how our Holistic Community Center has changed thousands on lives in Malawi.