In Malawi, one of the focal points for the fight against malaria and HIV, rural villages experience high infant mortality and infrequent access to basic survival provisions. To assist these communities, our efforts here have centered around the construction and management of a 3-acre solar-powered Holistic Community Center. This unique compound houses a clinic, pharmacy, learning center, orphanage, women empowerment center, playground and sports complex. Before we launched the HCC, villagers had to walk up to 10k to access clean water, and up to 20km to access basic healthcare services, which proved fatal for many sick Malawians who sought medical attention at distant clinics.  Given its size and breadth, the HCC has become a vital lifeline for more than 10,000 Malawians in the 126 surrounding villages, providing critical care and inspiring hope for their many inhabitants. 


Basic Needs


Food Distribution

The problems of hunger and malnutrition are still ubiquitous in Malawi, and many children go to sleep undernourished and starving. Our AIM has provided families with much-needed food packs and through our programs, we offer meals and cooking tools to supply families with the food to survive.


Clean Water

We have dug nearly 300 bore wells in villages around Malawi. Before Our AIM Foundation arrived in Malawi, many villagers had to walk over 40 km outside of their village just to retrieve clean water. Now thousands have access to potable water right outside their door. Our wells are all created from locally-sourced clay and built by volunteers onsite.



We have built hundreds of houses for Malawians who previously dwelt in unlivable conditions. We have provided lights, kitchens, electricity, bedding, and more spacious domiciles for families throughout the villages of Mchinji.




Today, the HCC treats more than 100 villagers daily, providing free vaccinations and pharmaceutical prescriptions to combat the spread of malaria, HIV, and other diseases. Our volunteer doctors and nurses provide free health screenings, checkups, maternal care for expectant mothers and pediatric care for young children.


Sanitary Restrooms

Before we arrived in Mchinji District, Malawi, the restrooms in Malawi were highly unsanitary, and were sources of disease and illness. Today, we have installed over 220 sanitary restrooms with many more under construction.


Female Hygiene

Many women in Malawi face a dearth of resources to provide for their specific needs. We have dedicated a special focus on improving the lives of women in Malawi, who are often victimized by abuse and burdened by the responsibilities of raising and caring for their large families. Our clinic has a special unit designed to providing women with the health products they need to live safe, healthy, and hygienic lives.



Female Trade Schools

Many women in Malawi never receive a proper education. Statistics show that only around 35% of girls in Malawi receive an education in the classroom, 6% of girls graduate from high school in Malawi each year, and only 3% go onto study in a post-secondary school. Nearly 80% of Malawian women work in agriculture. Our AIM provides women with a vehicle to change their lives through our trade school, where women learn sewing and business savvy, so that they can empower themselves economically and achieve independence.


Primary Education

Illiteracy in Malawi has long been a barrier for those seeking to move from agricultural to more professional work. Poverty in Malawi is frequently attributed to a lack of educational resources, and illiteracy is viewed as a serious impediment to economic inclusion. Our AIM's mission is to make sure that children can read and write from an early age, to enhance their lives and secure a future full of opportunity. Currently, over 500 children are enrolled in our schools around the Mchinji District, Malawi.


Computer Classes

 The computer lab at our HCC is the only one in near any of the villages in Mchinji District, Malawi. Many of the villagers had never seen a computer until they walked into our HCC and saw the dozens of desktops lined up. They were eager to sign up for computer training, and to this date we have many dozens of students learning computer skills, how to navigate the internet and operate Microsoft software. These students are adding a crucial modern skillset that can open up their prospects in the job market, as well as keep them focused on a constructive task.

Tongozola Community Center

See how our Holistic Community Center has changed thousands on lives in Malawi.