Nisha Mandani, our founder, hails from India, where she was raised experiencing first-hand the crippling poverty and abject prejudice that affects much of the nation. About 60 million Indian children under age 6 live below the poverty level, leading many of them to become one of India’s 17 million child laborers, more than any other country in the world. In addition, women often struggle to obtain the same resources that are provided to men, and as a result 1 in 3 girls do not live to see their 15th birthday. Our AIM Foundation has founded schools to address these issues head-on, as we believe improving access to education will be a key factor in limiting the number of children forced into hard labor and increasing the number of girls who can pursue their own interests and dreams. Our trade programs in India teach women and girls sewing, jewelry-making, and various other crafts-based disciplines that will allow them to become financially self-sufficient in the long-term. We’ve also worked with local organizations to pair hundreds of orphaned children with new and loving families. These programs are helping to make India a better and more equitable place for all.