Angela Saopa

Angela Saopa was widowed at the age of 23-years-old. She was tasked with being the lone provider for her nine-month-old child and herself. She had to earn a living, while at the same time raising and taking care of her young child, who is less than a year old. She lived in Kalimbwira village, T.A. Mkanda, Mchinji. Then, she heard about a center that was about 10 km away, that might be able to help her. So, she began making the 10 km trek, every day, to the Tongozala Holistic Community Centre that Our AIM Foundation has founded in the heart of Mchinji District. When she saw that there were tailoring classes offered at Our AIM Foundation, she had an idea: she could learn sewing skills and how to mend clothing, and later she would open a tailoring shop. That way, she could provide for her child without being out working in the farm all day.From Angela: “My main aim is to learn how to sew and how to design so that I can be able to sew different designs and sell them. As a single parent life isn’t easy, so I hope the skills gained from here can be utilized professionally.” Teachers at the HCC report that Angela is so far one of the best students in her tailoring class. She is well on her way to making her dream a reality. “Thank you so much to the Our AIM Foundation,” says Angela.


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