Our AIM Outreach in Kapunula Village

Recently, an Our AIM outreach group of clinicians traveled far away from our HCC in Tongozala. the team’s leader, Ishmael Kadango, wrote on the eye-opening experience: “Saturday on the 17th

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Abbas Hammoud

Abbas is a young boy from Syria who was force to flee persecution during the Syrian Civil War. This conflict, the most deadly on Earth since the turn of the

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Tila Phiri

Another inspiring story from our HCC in Tongozala, Malawi. With the morning dew, Tila Phiri wakes up to prepare for a journey of 20 kilometers to the nearest health center.

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Christina and Rhoda Banda

Though COVID-19 gets all the headlines, the top two most pernicious illnesses in Malawi remain the same as they always have been: Malaria and Malnutrition. Christina Banda from Sapato village

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Mwatitha Ledson

This is Mwatitha Ledson. She is 21-year-old mother of a three-year-old girl. She considers her daughter a miracle, a gift from god. Since we have come to Mchinji District, we

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Zelipa Manda

Meet Zelipa Manda. Aged 45, she is a tailoring student at Tongozala Holistic Community Centre, in the district of Mchinji, Malawi. She hopes to improve her life by attaining valuable

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Rhoda Nelson

Rhoda Nelson hails from Mshanga village. She is 35-years-old, divorced, and responsible for her four children. She has not been able to find consistent work, and depends on odd jobs

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The Story of Gladys Raphael

Gladys Raphael lives in Chuuzu village in Mchinji. Every day, she gets up before the sun rises, and begins her walk. It will take her 9 hours to cover 30

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Angela Saopa

Angela Saopa was widowed at the age of 23-years-old. She was tasked with being the lone provider for her nine-month-old child and herself. She had to earn a living, while

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Milika James

Milika James is one of the women learning tailoring at Our AIM Foundation’s Holistic Community Centre in Tongozala, Mchinji District, Malawi. She hails from Lufina village which is approximately 7km

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World Water Day

“Where are you going with that bucket of water?” I asked.“My mom is sick and thirsty,” the little boy, Akhil, told me. “I am going to get water from the

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