Kam Shams

Board Member

Kam Shams works at the epicenter of Healthcare, Technology, Real-Estate, and Entrepreneurship. His work experiences include innovating & transforming organizations for success. He founded The Shams Group (TSG) in 1989, which has now grown to serve over 400 hospitals across the USA, Canada, Middle East, and Asia. http://shamsgroup.com/


Kam is a serial entrepreneur, social impact investor, and philanthropist. He now spends most of his time assisting and empowering people and organizations to launch new businesses, create educational opportunities, and eliminate generational poverty. 


Chairman, Shams Family Foundation of Dallas Foundation, a USA registered philanthropy fund dedicated to improving human skills and economic empowerment via mentoring, entrepreneurial support and educational scholarship.

Managing Director Hercules Fund for real estate development in Portugal


Pamir Diamond Investment Fund for social impact investment in Tajikistan 


Board Advisor to Pamir Eco-Cultural Tourism Association, Pamir Tajikistan


Past Chairman/Board Member Worldwide Education Fund, a philanthropy focused on providing education and empowerment opportunities to over 2000 needy Ismaili children & youth in India, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. 


Past Chairman/Board Member Nizari Progressive Federal Credit Union (NPFCU), an Ismaili credit union with over 200 million in assets 


National EPB ANZ/USA Entrepreneurship Collaboration—Visited Australia and New Zealand to teach Entrepreneurship to immigrant communities.


Past Chairman Ismaili Professional Network (IPN) Central Region, and advisor, coach & judge at IPN Entrepreneurship Boot Camps in Atlanta, New York, San Jose, and Dallas


Founder of Dallas Golden Investment Club (DGIC), an alliance with 130 members with large scale successful real estate investments and exits

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