Our Ambassadors

Salim - Sulaiman Merchant

Board of Directors

Nisha Mandani

Founder / CEO

David Gibson

Chair Legal Advisor

Michael Wasserman

Chair of Public Relations

Nick Barber

Chair of Marketing/Growth Development

Dr. Shamsuddin Pepermintwala

Chair of Self Sustainability

Rafique Hasan

Chair of Donor Relations

Kam Shams

Chair of Grant Funding

Advisory Board

George Felos

Legal Advisor

Dr. Dave Barzelay

International Projects Liaison

Bruce Sperry

Legal Representative

Dr. Amir Noorani

Physician and Medical Expert

Dr. Dipti Mehta

Physician and Medical Advisor

Farida Khemani

Advisor to the Board's Vision and Development

Dr. Hayath Javeed

Physician and Medical Advisor

Malawi Board

Imtiazbeg Anverbeg Mirza

Malawi Advisory Board

Haroon Sacranie

Malawi Advisory Board

Maqbul Latif

Malawi Advisory Board

Dr. Parth K. Patel

Malawi Advisory Board

Meheer Rajni Patel

Malawi Advisory Board

Pakistan Board

Nazlie Amjad

Chairperson OAF Pakistan

Iffat Brohi

Treasury OAF Pakistan

Awareness In Mind Committee

Farhana Rahman

Global Lead

Tele-Health/Training Committee

Dr. Shabnam Mahmood Moledina

GLOBAL DIRECTOR Tele-Health/Training USA

Dr. Beata Casanas

Advisory Member USA

Dr. Sadaf Aslam

Advisory Member USA

Dr. Adwaita Gore

Advisory Member, INDIA

Dr. Rohan N Bartake

Coordinator, INDIA

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