Rohingya Refugee Camps

Our newest program came together as a response to a crisis that created the largest and fastest-growing refugee camps in the history of the world: those of the Rohingya in Bangladesh. Over 1 million Rohingya have been displaced from their homes in Rakhine State, Myanmar, where tens of thousands were raped and murdered by government-backed militias. In November 2018, Our AIM Foundation sent doctors, supplies, and construction teams to the epicenter of the refugee camps to provide this population with our lifesaving services and resources. To date, we’ve built over 300 homes and over 100 bore-wells and personal hygiene facilities, giving Rohingya clean water and safe spaces during these turbulent times. We’ve also opened 5 schools that enroll more than 500 children between them, as well as a trade school that allows Rohingya women to receive the same 12-week sewing course that we offer in our other locations. These vital services had proven invaluable for the health and prosperity of this vulnerable population.