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Our AIM Foundation


Our AIM Foundation is a nonprofit with 501 C3 Tax Exempt status for 10 years, we are working diligently by impacted over 250,000 people in 5 countries Rohingya Refugee camp, Thar Desert, India, Africa and USA. 100 % of funds donated go to the projects. Our goal is to save lives by building Hope & Dignity. We have completed 60 bore wells, 100 toilets-shower and Empowered 100 women with self-sustainable projects to the ultra-poor population in the world. We adopt orphans and build schools to promote education to break the cycle of poverty. We witness magic when we “Wipe Tears To build Smiles and Hopes”.

Our mission

Our Aim is to inspire global citizenship by helping individuals enhance their quality of life through sustainable solutions.

Our Vission

We envision a world where basic needs are met for all people without compromising the needs of non-human animals and the environment.

What we do


Every 5 seconds one person dies of unsafe water, we are committed to build 500 bore wells, so far we have completed 64. 54 in Malawi Africa, and 10 in Thar Desert Pakistan. There is a dire need of bore-wells in Rohingya camp, many children drink out of the dirty puddles and this costs many lives. So far we have impacted about 120,000 lives. Donate Bore-well Gift of water Gift of life.

Toilets & Shower

Over million people each year die of malaria, most of this is caused by open defecation. To stop Malaria and save lives we have completed 65 Toilets –Shower-Wash stations In Africa and Thar Desert. Rohingya Refugee camp has a dire need of toilets and shower due to lack of facilities they go in open defecation.so far we have impacted about 65,000 People. Donate Toilet-Shower and Give a gift of dignity Gift of Life.

Woment Empowerment

One in four women has been victim of abuse, it’s beautifully said if you teach a women you teach a generation. We Empower women by teaching them to fish rather than providing fish on the table. We teach them sewing handy craft classes and donate them the machines and materials so they can become independent. We have donated 45 machines and empowered 4500 women. This has been a very successful Self sustainable Solutions to Empower Women. Our target is to reach 1000 Women. Give of Learning Gift of Life.

Food & Cloths

800 million people go to bed hungry each night, one in nine do not have access to food for proper development and health. We feed and give clothes to homeless families and provide healthy snacks and meals in Orphanages and schools. 100 Million People are homeless. We build homes and sheds so, these families have shelter in rain and shine. So far we have built 100 homes and plan to build 500 more to save lives. Gift of smile Gift of Life.


153 million children are orphans in the world and child mortality is at its highest in 2017, there were about y 15,000 deaths every day under the age of 5. if we all adopt a child there will not be any orphans in this world. Our AIM Foundation have adopted 5 children, we are committed to adopt 100 more. Gift of Hope Gift of Life.


11 million, or 28% of people aged 65 and older live alone and feel isolated. According to statistics suicidal rate has increased drastically in seniors due to isolation. Grandkids & close2 heart programs connects 2 most vulnerable sectors of our community youths and seniors. Grandkids program was mainly in ALF’s and Nursing homes for 7 weekly visits with involved activities to build bonding. While close2heart was only 1 visit with Hospice patients. Youths go through intense sensitivity training to build empathy. In this programs both the generations benefit and benefit with years of experience and knowledge. Youth prepare a memory book of senior’s life with stories of childhood, family tree, their experiences and most cherished moments. Elderly Admire memory books and loved to read them over and over even during their last breaths.

Our Volunteer

George Felos

George Felos

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