As you sit here reading this, more than half of the population of the world suffers from issues that are easily preventable in most developed countries. A community in Africa suffers from raging health disparities of malaria, cholera, and typhoid. An orphan child in India dwells on the streets of the slums, not knowing that he or she is vulnerable to illiteracy, child labor, or worse, sexual exploitation. Rather than being in school, a girl in the Thar Desert in Pakistan awaits marriage, a decision her family made for her out of societal obligation and in an effort to reduce their debt. Many individuals rarely find solutions to their struggles, while others wait for a miracle or a blessing. In a world of injustice and scarcity, it is difficult to know how to help or where to start. Luckily there IS hope, and you most certainly CAN help. By donating to the Our AIM Foundation, you are becoming a contributor to the solution that most communities have prayed for. You are providing that African community medical care that seeks to treat illness as well as to prevent it. You are a saving grace that shelters the orphan in India from the streets, while providing him/her an opportunity to learn and grow. You are becoming a voice for that girl in the Thar Desert that fights to provide her with education and empowers her to gain her freedom. You have just become their blessing. Our AIM is a Platinum rated nonprofit under GuideStar and a 100% of the funds it receives go directly toward its projects around the world. As a donor, you can choose where you’d like to direct your funds by donating towards a project that you feel connected towards. Become a blessing and help those who cannot seek help for themselves.

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