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    The Little Boy and the Old Man

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This is How we Bridge Life

Increased Longevity and extremely busy lifestyles had made our most valuable seniors very isolated and vulnerable. According to the research by Dept of health this isolation has increased suicidal rate amongst our seniors. Michigan University research of May28, 2010, shows youth’s empathy has dropped by 40% in 20 yrs. Our AIM Foundation a non profit, non denominational, 501 3 (C) organization has initiated a very beautiful interesting, innovative intergenerational program.

“This is how we bridge life” Grand-Kids” (http://www.ourAIM.org) is a new initiative created by a very successful business couple in Dunedin Florida. Their goal is to provide a vehicle that will bring youth and senior citizens together to provide them both with life enriching experiences.

Nisha Mandani, the prime creator of this program has a master’s degree in special education with 25yrs of extensive experience of working with private and public educational institutions for our youth (the most valuable segment of our society). Her passion & dedication towards caring for elderly (the most vulnerable segment of our society)to bring joy and smiles towards end of their journey has led to the evolution of GRAND KIDS and CLOSE2HEART.

Training and activities for this program have been exclusively created by professionals from Hospice, Red cross, Girls and Boys scouts & Mease Hospital to better understand the needs of elderly and to develop Empathy, Compassion, Respect and Responsibility in our youth.

Activities : Grand kids (GK) completes the mandatory training, to be matched with a senior from either Hospice or Assisted living facilities to become their adopted grandparent (GP).

Once a week for 3 hrs they visit their GP engaging them with creative educational, fun filled activitiesand embarks a journey of love, bonding and relationship. Grand kid will accompany their GP into memory lane to highlight their most memorable moments of life. At the end of the 5 weeks they present their GP with a journal, a biography of their life, filled with cherished moments and accomplishments which were forgotten. This will bring smiles, joy, empowerment and pride to continue their journey towards the finish line. In turn Grand kids cherish and treasure the experience of grandparents who have been part of many historic events like different wars. This experience will enhance their own personal skills to become empathetic, responsible citizens & leaders of tomorrow.